Everybody view this page please

August 13, 2009

i have made a new cheat site because this one keeps getting spammed by people so the new site is:


and yes i do know that address is long but it was the best one that i could think of, now dont just sit there get to it go to my new site!!!!!!!!



Guys its party time!!!!!!

July 18, 2009

Guys its party time

place: My igloo!!!

time: 9:00 am english time zome

day: Sunday

i will be waiting for you there!!!

-Electro Kid1

Hi thanks for the comments anyway nice avatars!!!

July 18, 2009

nice avatars guys heres one of my faves  lol its awesome!!!!

The Music Jam is here!!!!!

July 17, 2009

The music jam is here i will be posting cheats and pics later but for now i will hold a contest to win a series 1 coin code and its unused!!!!!! how cool is that right the contest is guess a number between 1-10,000 ok right start now!!!! the contest ends when the music jam has gone. Electro Kid1 has started making utube vids with his pals if you want to be in one come to one of my partys on cp i will keep everyone posted on time,days and where it is and all the other stuff ok untill then bye oh and by the way for the people that have been asking you can enter 10 times each 

-Electro Kid1

Ummm well Hi im Electro Kid1 and Welcome to my cheat site all about Club Penguin!

July 16, 2009

hi im electro kid1 and im BACK ON CP Oh Yeah!!!!!

See my old cheat site: the1cpclub really didnt work out as plan and now it is just trashed so i opened a new site and yes i do play on club penguin unlike those people that makes cheat sites and just says bad stuff about the game and my name is ellz/elliot i live in england and i nearly have the whole collection of the series 2 cp toys right thats enough about me now as everyone should know The Music Jam is coming again tomorrow! i will keep everyone updated from now on ok bye everyone
-Electro Kid1! (heres a pic of me and my friend from the old cheat site) 


club penguin 4